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Examples of songs created from submitted lyrics

Finished Songs:

All Night Long.mp3 (Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - dweltman@outlook.com
I'll Drink A Toast.mp3 (Country Ballad) - Lyrics - rebelstar2u@gmail.com
Time For Paradise.mp3 (New Age Soft Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Loser Town.mp3 (Country) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Tonight Tonight.mp3 (Light Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
As For Me.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Gonna Get My Hands Dirty.mp3 (Light Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Running With My Shadow.mp3 (Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Oh Heather Marie.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Thank You Once Again.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Third Floor.mp3 (Light Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Their Game.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Loud And Proud.mp3 (Hard Rock) - Lyrics - rebelstar2u@gmail.com
Im Here.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Find Me In Your Dreams.mp3 (New Age Ballad) - Lyrics - karennkylie@yahoo.com
Vegas Life.mp3 (Hard Rock) - Lyrics - rebelstar2u@gmail.com
You Belong To Me.mp3 (Pop Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Please Stay.mp3 (Oldies Pop) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
They Dont Want Me.mp3 (Soft Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Together Forever.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Never Have Fear 2.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - clroberts@comcast.net
One Way Road.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Tonight I Am.mp3 (Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Let The Dreams Begin.mp3 (Progressive) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
From The Moment.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - kevinfo1@comcast.net
So Im Asking.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
You Want To Win.mp3 (Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Frankie.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
My Dreams Come True.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Grim Situation.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
I Wanna Be Me.mp3 (Pop/Dance) - Lyrics - Loons1@q.com
My Dream.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - kevinfo1@comcast.net
Their Own World.mp3 (Soft Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
All Alone Once Again.mp3 (Soft Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Stormy Stormy Night.mp3 (Progressive Soft Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Dont Let This Love Story End.mp3 (Soft Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
If My World Should Crumble.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Together We Made History.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Mountain Top.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Brothers In Arms.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
My Dream.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - kevinfo1@comcast.net
Wouldnt You Agree.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
True Dream Road.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Bottle Of Dreams.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
We Were There When It Started.mp3 (Oldies Pop) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Dry Pillow.mp3 (Light Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - lmckennaclan@earthlink.net
What You Mean To Me.mp3 (Country Crossover Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Emptiness.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - lmckennaclan@earthlink.net
If I Should Fall Behind.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
That Was The Day.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - benteet33@gmail.com
An Amazing Way.mp3 (Soft Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - lmckennaclan@earthlink.net
Missing You.mp3 (Soft Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Through And Through.mp3 (Soft Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - lmckennaclan@earthlink.net
Sometimes Its For The Best.mp3 (Soft Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Hello Hello Hello.mp3 (Oldies Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Johnny And Mary.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Weve Made It To Forever.mp3 (Soft Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Scary Scary Night.mp3 (Soft Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Three Wishes.mp3 (Light Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - kevinfo1@comcast.net
Tonight I Stay Awake.mp3 (Soft Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Please Bring Me A Friend.mp3 (Soft Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Evolution Of Me.mp3 (Alternative Rock) - Lyrics - tigerbyte.ken@gmail.com
JV's Love Story.mp3 (Country Crossover Ballad) - Lyrics - hollygolightly711@yahoo.com
True Love Only Comes Once.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
It's All Because Of You.mp3 (Soft Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Think Of A Song.mp3 (Pop Rock) - Lyrics - ann@personalverses.co.uk
Daddy's Not Coming Home.mp3 (Soft Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
The End Of Me And You.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
There's Gonna Be A Day.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Within Me.mp3 (Spiritual Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Little Darling.mp3 (Country Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
We Have Walked Much Further.mp3 (Light Rock Shuffle) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
I Will Show You How.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - karennkylie@yahoo.com
Shes On Her Way.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Gypsy Wind.mp3 (Waltz Ballad) - Lyrics - bchenoweth@bellsouth.net
The True Meaning Of Love (Male Version).mp3 (Folk Rock) - Lyrics - karennkylie@yahoo.com
The True Meaning Of Love (Female Version).mp3 (Folk Rock) - Lyrics - karennkylie@yahoo.com
Our Love Lives On.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - klopmansa@crcsbulldogs.org
Sherri And I.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Forever Highway.mp3 (Southern Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Sandra.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - kevinfo1@comcast.net
Whatever You Do.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - klopmansa@crcsbulldogs.org
Born For Each Other.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Adam My Friend.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - nicole.crawford97@yahoo.com
My Sweet Lori.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - seahawks1300@yahoo.com
In It To Win.mp3 (Country Rock Shuffle) - Lyrics - musicman179@msn.com
Lock Me Up.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
So Said I.mp3 (Country Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Hunters Prey.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - jennerdee5552@yahoo.com
I'm The One To Blame.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - jennerdee5552@yahoo.com
Stand Up Stand Together.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - webbersfallswarrior@yahoo.com
Breakfast In Paris.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
One Day.mp3 (Pop) - Lyrics - sethhendrickson05@gmail.com
A Trusted Friend.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - free2mry@gmail.com
Unwanted Son.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - webbersfallswarrior@yahoo.com
Color Me Country.mp3 (Country Rock) - Lyrics - neal.wilson35@yahoo.com
Gonna Love One Another.mp3 (Pop Rock) - Lyrics - webbersfallswarrior@yahoo.com
Outside Of Your Grace.mp3 (Spiritual Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
The Trail Of Faith.mp3 (Calypso Spiritual Light Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Allied Forces.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Sometimes.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - ezabelimode@hotmail.com
Nevermind.mp3 (Blues Rock) - Lyrics - webbersfallswarrior@yahoo.com
Not Gonna Lose This Time.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - webbersfallswarrior@yahoo.com
The Kingdom Within.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Bound To Get There.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - webbersfallswarrior@yahoo.com
The Illusion.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
Guess The Laugh's On Me.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - dwoteman@hotmail.com
This Love Can't Be Lost.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
What Would I Be Without You.mp3 (Spiritual Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Temporary.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - cspassen@gmail.com
Save Me.mp3 (Jazz Pop) - Lyrics - webbersfallswarrior@yahoo.com
Incomplete.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - cspassen@gmail.com
Never Meant For You.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - maurice_ferris@hotmail.com
Safety Net.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - cspassen@gmail.com
Avenging Angels.mp3 (Spiritual Electronic Pop) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
How It Has To Be.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - cspassen@gmail.com
No Place Like You.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
Reflections.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - cspassen@gmail.com
Why Is It I.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - cspassen@gmail.com
Misery.mp3 (Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - cspassen@gmail.com
Taking Flight.mp3 (Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - cspassen@gmail.com
Where Has All The Love Gone.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - nicole.crawford97@yahoo.com
So Sorry Tonight.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
If You Want To Be Somebody (Full Production).mp3 (Country) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
If You Want To Be Somebody (Guitar Only).mp3 (Country) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
Before My Life Fades Away.mp3 (Alternative Rock) - Lyrics - nicole.crawford97@yahoo.com
Being With You.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Breakin' The Connection.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - nicole.crawford97@yahoo.com
Tomorrow May Never Come.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
Time Machine.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - dgsimps@aol.com
You Say This Is Forever.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - justmatti1988@gmail.com
The One They Call America.mp3 (Patriotic Country Rock) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
Pray For Peace.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Sweet Love.mp3 (Spiritual Light Rock) - Lyrics - vickylynashby@yahoo.com
A Million Miles From Home.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
The Heart Of Orion.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
Tears In My Coffee.mp3 (Pop Rock) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
I Still Belong To You.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
Alphabet Bridge.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
Jesus Is Coming Tonight.mp3 (Christian Ballad) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Almost Like You Love Me.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
Bright Star.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Andrew.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
Gods At War.mp3 (Christian Metal) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Here I Am.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - stevemcp2002@aol.com
Please Please Go Away.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Angel In The Wind.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
Heart Drive (All Instruments).mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - stevemcp2002@aol.com
Heart Drive (Just Piano).mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - stevemcp2002@aol.com
Will It Ever Be (Full Production).mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - nicole.crawford97@yahoo.com
Will It Ever Be (12 String Guitar Only).mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - nicole.crawford97@yahoo.com
I Wish I Could.mp3 (Country Ballad) - Lyrics - justmatti1988@gmail.com
A Taste Of Paradise.mp3 (Progressive) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Hell's Angel.mp3 (Pop Rock) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
Believing In The Red, White And Blue.mp3 (Patriotic Pop Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Doin' It Again.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
She's Everything I Don't Need.mp3 (Country Rock) - Lyrics - dgsimps@aol.com
Pull Me From The Rain.mp3 (Patriotic Rock) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
The Loan.mp3 (Patriotic/Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
We Took A Ride.mp3 (Oldies Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Unreachable.mp3 (Pop Ballad) - Lyrics - justmatti1988@gmail.com
There Really Are No Goodbyes.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
So Be On Your Way (Full Production).mp3 (Blues Rock) - Lyrics - nicole.crawford97@yahoo.com
So Be On Your Way (12 String Guitar Only).mp3 (Blues Rock) - Lyrics - nicole.crawford97@yahoo.com
In My Final Hour.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
What A Glorious Day.mp3 (Oldies Patriotic/Spiritual Ballad) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
I'm Leaving Saying Goodbye.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
That Old Wall.mp3 (Patriotic Ballad) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
Aint Ever Going Back.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Night Light.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
Baby Baby Dont Go Away.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Homeless Man.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Mistress Of The Game.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - liz10240@yahoo.com
Why Did I Let Her Go.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
New York Way.mp3 (Oldies Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Lets Go Lets Go.mp3 (Oldies Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Have A Talk With God.mp3 (Christian Ballad) - Lyrics - texasbert_71@yahoo.com
The Old Lady Who Sat By A Stream.mp3 (Progressive Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
America Is Turning Away.mp3 (Christian/Patriotic Ballad) - Lyrics - jharrell@troycable.net
Song Of Freedom.mp3 (Patriotic March) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
I Can Be The One.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
How I Love My Lord Jesus.mp3 (Christian Ballad) - Lyrics - texasbert_71@yahoo.com
It's So Hard To Let Her Go.mp3 (Patriotic/Spiritual Ballad) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
Look What You've Done To Me.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - vickylynashby@yahoo.com
Here I Come.mp3 (Metal) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Freedom's Last Stand.mp3 (Patriotic March) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
You Aint No Superhero.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Why Can't That Be Me.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
I'll Find A Way To Be With You.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Old Shanty Town.mp3 (Patriotic Country Ballad) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
Would You.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Don't Make Me Wonder Why.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
We're Gonna Rock.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
You're Guilty Of It All.mp3 (Country Rock) - Lyrics - dgsimps@aol.com
Speak To My Heart Lord.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - vickylynashby@yahoo.com
Bobby, Bobby.mp3 (Oldies Pop) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
His Light Would Lead Her Home.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - lascauxlady@gmail.com
Shy Girl.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Sunshine.mp3 (Pop Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Everything Else Stays The Same.mp3 (Progressive) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Silent Flight.mp3 (Patriotic/Spiritual Ballad) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
One More Christmas Day.mp3 (Spiritual Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
There Is No Love Without You.mp3 (Spiritual Ballad) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
Before You Go.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Go Preach The Gospel.mp3 (Christian Southern Gospel) - Lyrics - jharrell@troycable.net
It's Not Yet Time.mp3 (Patriotic/Spiritual Ballad) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
More Than Enough.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - vickylynashby@yahoo.com
Leave Me Alone.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Leaving My Nightmares Behind.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Fig Leaf Problem.mp3 (Christian Blues Shuffle) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
A Way Out.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
I'm Coming Home 2 U.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
Same Old Sad Song.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Each Time I See You.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - evelin@mountaintop.net.au.com
We Should Worship The Lord.mp3 (Spiritual Ballad) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Sign Of Jonah.mp3 (Christian Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
2012.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
Thursday Night Cowboy.mp3 (Country) - Lyrics - evelin@mountaintop.net.au.com
Fallen World.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Climax Of The Cross.mp3 (Christian Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Narnian Winter.mp3 (Spiritual Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Odyssey Of Faith.mp3 (Spiritual Pop) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Feelings Of Love.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
Stranger Than Truth.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
The Jesus In Me.mp3 (Christian Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
I'll Never Love Again.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
Dreamer.mp3 (Pop Rock) - Lyrics - cspassen@gmail.com
God's Light.mp3 (Spiritual Light Rock) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
He's Why I Stayed.mp3 (Christian Ballad) - Lyrics - st.dinero@yahoo.com
Desperate For You.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - st.dinero@yahoo.com
Before I'm Gone For Good.mp3 (Country Ballad) - Lyrics - st.dinero@yahoo.com
And Then Some.mp3 (Country Ballad) - Lyrics - st.dinero@yahoo.com
Somebody Different.mp3 (Country Ballad) - Lyrics - st.dinero@yahoo.com
Superhero.mp3 (Christian Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Don't Let Me Down.mp3 (Pop Rock) - Lyrics - cspassen@gmail.com
Dreamland.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
The Way I Love Her.mp3 (Funk/Jazz Pop) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
The Cause Within.mp3 (Spiritual Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Small Stone Wheel.mp3 (Oldies Rock) - Lyrics - mikesrepost@gmail.com
The Ballad Of Mary Jane.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
Noble Contradiction.mp3 (Christian Light Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Don't You Underestimate Me.mp3 (Blues) - Lyrics - mikesrepost@gmail.com
Deja Vu.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
Joe Brad The Coroner.mp3 (Country Ballad) - Lyrics - joebrad@joebrad.com
My Spirit Shall Soar.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Party Night.mp3 (Hip Hop) - Lyrics - Loons1@q.com
Underneath Words.mp3 (Country) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
Big Tall Wall.mp3 (Country Swing) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
Fade To White.mp3 (Progressive) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
Happy Birthday !.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
Fly Away.mp3 (Progressive) - Lyrics - dgsimps@aol.com
Head Over Heels.mp3 (Christian Light Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Armageddon.mp3 (Christian Rock) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
This Isn't Love (Full Production).mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - nicole.crawford97@yahoo.com
This Isn't Love (12 String Guitar Only).mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - nicole.crawford97@yahoo.com
Middle Of My Dreams.mp3 (Alternative Rock) - Lyrics - dgsimps@aol.com
I'm Burnin' In A Fire.mp3 (Spiritual Metal) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Into Your Arms.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
In My Old Neighborhood.mp3 (Country Swing) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
A Gentle Glance.mp3 (Pop Ballad) - Lyrics - vickylynashby@yahoo.com
I'll Be Coming Home Tonight.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
I Need To Be Told.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - dgsimps@aol.com
This Is Love.mp3 (Pop Rock) - Lyrics - ann@personalverses.co.uk
Dont Want To Say Goodbye.mp3 (Progressive) - Lyrics - dgsimps@aol.com
Mine Oh Mine.mp3 (Jazz Pop) - Lyrics - www.myspace.com/ashixmusic
A Part Of Me Will Never Be Free.mp3 (Country) - Lyrics - ann@personalverses.co.uk
I Have Loved You Today.mp3 (Progressive) - Lyrics - dgsimps@aol.com
He Will Call His Children In.mp3 (Christian Rock) - Lyrics - jharrell@troycable.net
Take Me Back Home.mp3 (Progressive) - Lyrics - dgsimps@aol.com
I Love You My Darling.mp3 (Country) - Lyrics - ann@personalverses.co.uk
God Sent The Comforter That Day.mp3 (Christian Country) - Lyrics - jharrell@troycable.net
Wait Another Day.mp3 (Oldies Pop) - Lyrics - dgsimps@aol.com
Wherever You Are.mp3 (Country Pop) - Lyrics - ann@personalverses.co.uk
We Must Live Expectantly.mp3 (Christian Ballad) - Lyrics - jharrell@troycable.net
Final Hymn.mp3 (Patriotic Ballad) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
Some People Only Have Dreams.mp3 (Progressive) - Lyrics - dgsimps@aol.com
He Will Guide You He Will Love You.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - colinlederman@hotmail.com
Twenty One Guns.mp3 (Patriotic Ballad) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
Roll Tide Roll.mp3 (Oldies Rock) - Lyrics - jharrell@troycable.net
Midnight Dreams.mp3 (Pop Rock) - Lyrics - justmatti1988@gmail.com
Heavens Lounge.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
Sound The Drum.mp3 (Patriotic Country) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
A Time To Dream.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - ann@personalverses.co.uk
The New Birth.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - ann@personalverses.co.uk
Elephant In The Room.mp3 (Swing) - Lyrics - mikesrepost@gmail.com
Goodbye Goodbye.mp3 (Blues Shuffle) - Lyrics - webbersfallswarrior@yahoo.com
So Alive.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - opss2@aol.com
Set The Captives Free.mp3 (Christian Light Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
End Game.mp3 (Country Rock) - Lyrics - cjwolinski@yahoo.com
The Other Side Of Me.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - webbersfallswarrior@yahoo.com
Crying Eyes.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - stefanoshea@ireland.com
Living In The Park.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
The Blood.mp3 (Christian Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
March To Be Free.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
Billy.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Love Revival.mp3 (Christian Pop/Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Apocalypse.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
I Lost The Flame.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - webbersfallswarrior@yahoo.com
Red River Revival.mp3 (Country Rock) - Lyrics - webbersfallswarrior@yahoo.com
That Old Harley.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Closer To You.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
The Sniper.mp3 (Country Rock Shuffle) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Living On Hard Times Street.mp3 (Blues Shuffle) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Sweet Ride.mp3 (Hard Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Gotta Get Back Together Again.mp3 (Soft Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Cindy.mp3 (Soft Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Let The Candles Burn Tonight.mp3 (Soft Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Tears From Your Eyes.mp3 (Country Waltz Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Hush My Love.mp3 (Soft Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Yes Sir Im Sure.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
My Fathers House.mp3 (Spiritual Pop/Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Oh Joanne.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
In My Neighborhood.mp3 (Pop) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Sherris Here.mp3 (Jazz Pop) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Dark Corner.mp3 (Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
So Angel What Do You Say.mp3 (Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Wont You Come On Over.mp3 (Oldies Pop) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
The Press.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
My Sweet Angel.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Outside.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com

Rough Drafts (1 verse and 1 chorus):

Wont Be There For You (Rough Draft).mp3 (Pop)

Turn Out The Lights (Rough Draft).mp3 (Pop Ballad)
Wait For Me.mp3 (Ballad)
Broken Hearts Fly.mp3 (Rock)
Broken Heart Salute.mp3 (Alternative)
Wake Up.mp3 (Alternative Rock)
Rise Above You.mp3 (Rock)
Still Feelin' Your Embrace.mp3 (Rock Ballad)
Dear Guitar.mp3 (Pop Rock)
It's Gonna Rain.mp3 (Pop Rock)
Is There Love At All.mp3 (Rock)
How Much More Can You Take.mp3 (Rock)
I Would Never Leave.mp3 (Rock Ballad)
Played Personality.mp3 (Rock)
Come On Let's Go.mp3 (Pop Ballad)
He Is Good.mp3 (Spiritual Rock)
Welcome To The Show.mp3 (Alternative Rock)
Promise Me.mp3 (Rock)
All That Glitters Isn't Gold.mp3 (Country)
When My Heart Is Right.mp3 (Spiritual Ballad)
Thank You For Being You.mp3 (Ballad)
Find My Way Up High.mp3 (Pop Rock)
Don't Walk Out That Door.mp3 (Electronic Pop)
Jessica Maybe.mp3 (Pop)
Every Dog Has His Day.mp3 (R&B)
It's In The Steps You Take.mp3 (Ballad)
She's Got You Broken Hearted.mp3 (Pop)
Don't Know How To Get Over You.mp3 (Pop Alternative)
We Made It Through.mp3 (Ballad)
Let's Face The Facts.mp3 (Pop)
Tell Me That You Love Me Too.mp3 (Oldies Pop)
Don't Go On.mp3 (Pop Rock)
I Just Hate To Love You.mp3 (Alternative Rock)
Because I'm Still Falling.mp3 (Country Ballad)
More Than Just Friends.mp3 (Pop Rock)
Is This What You Want Me To Be.mp3 (Alternative Rock)
When All Is Said And Done.mp3 (Ballad)
You Never Said Why.mp3 (Rock)
The One.mp3 (R&B)
Cry For Delta.mp3 (Folk Ballad)
Someday Is Today.mp3 (Soft Rock)
Farewell So Long.mp3 (Ballad)
He Will Heal Your Pain.mp3 (Christian Ballad)
I've Lost This Race.mp3 (Acoustic Rock)
You're A Demon.mp3 (Rock)
Fallen For You.mp3 (Pop Rock)
Time For You To Fly.mp3 (Ballad)
My Wheel It Spins.mp3 (Light Rock)
Dreams Fly Away.mp3 (Ballad)

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