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Examples of songs created from submitted lyrics

Finished Songs - Spiritual:

They Dont Want Me.mp3 (Soft Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com

My Fathers House.mp3 (Spiritual Pop/Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Within Me.mp3 (Spiritual Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Love Revival.mp3 (Christian Pop/Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
The Blood.mp3 (Christian Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Outside Of Your Grace.mp3 (Spiritual Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Set The Captives Free.mp3 (Christian Light Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
The Trail Of Faith.mp3 (Calypso Spiritual Light Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Allied Forces.mp3 (Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Not Gonna Lose This Time.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - webbersfallswarrior@yahoo.com
The Kingdom Within.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Armageddon.mp3 (Christian Rock) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
Head Over Heels.mp3 (Christian Light Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Avenging Angels.mp3 (Spiritual Electronic Pop) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
This Love Can't Be Lost.mp3 (Light Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
My Spirit Shall Soar.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
What Would I Be Without You.mp3 (Spiritual Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Noble Contradiction.mp3 (Christian Light Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
The Cause Within.mp3 (Spiritual Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Superhero.mp3 (Christian Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
God's Light.mp3 (Spiritual Light Rock) - Lyrics - recycledmusic@yahoo.com
The Jesus In Me.mp3 (Christian Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Odyssey Of Faith.mp3 (Spiritual Pop) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Narnian Winter.mp3 (Spiritual Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Climax Of The Cross.mp3 (Christian Rock Ballad) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Fallen World.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Sign Of Jonah.mp3 (Christian Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
We Should Worship The Lord.mp3 (Spiritual Ballad) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Bright Star.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Sweet Love.mp3 (Spiritual Light Rock) - Lyrics - vickylynashby@yahoo.com
Fig Leaf Problem.mp3 (Christian Blues Shuffle) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Jesus Is Coming Tonight.mp3 (Christian Ballad) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Gods At War.mp3 (Christian Metal) - Lyrics - nebulith@gmail.com
Angel In The Wind.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
Pray For Peace.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
I'm Burnin' In A Fire.mp3 (Spiritual Metal) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
Into Your Arms.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
He Will Call His Children In.mp3 (Christian Rock) - Lyrics - jharrell@troycable.net
God Sent The Comforter That Day.mp3 (Christian Country) - Lyrics - jharrell@troycable.net
We Must Live Expectantly.mp3 (Christian Ballad) - Lyrics - jharrell@troycable.net
He Will Guide You He Will Love You.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - colinlederman@hotmail.com
Heavens Lounge.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
The Loan.mp3 (Patriotic/Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
What A Glorious Day.mp3 (Oldies Patriotic/Spiritual Ballad) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
Have A Talk With God.mp3 (Christian Ballad) - Lyrics - texasbert_71@yahoo.com
America Is Turning Away.mp3 (Christian/Patriotic Ballad) - Lyrics - jharrell@troycable.net
How I Love My Lord Jesus.mp3 (Christian Ballad) - Lyrics - texasbert_71@yahoo.com
It's So Hard To Let Her Go.mp3 (Patriotic/Spiritual Ballad) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
Speak To My Heart Lord.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - vickylynashby@yahoo.com
Silent Flight.mp3 (Patriotic/Spiritual Ballad) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
One More Christmas Day.mp3 (Spiritual Ballad) - Lyrics - brucemartone@yahoo.com
There Is No Love Without You.mp3 (Spiritual Ballad) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
Go Preach The Gospel.mp3 (Christian Southern Gospel) - Lyrics - jharrell@troycable.net
It's Not Yet Time.mp3 (Patriotic/Spiritual Ballad) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com
He's Why I Stayed.mp3 (Christian Ballad) - Lyrics - st.dinero@yahoo.com
Happy Birthday !.mp3 (Spiritual Soft Rock) - Lyrics - scrubbersoflv@yahoo.com

Rough Drafts (1 verse and 1 chorus) - Spiritual:

He Is Good.mp3 (Spiritual Rock)

When My Heart Is Right.mp3 (Spiritual Ballad)
He Will Heal Your Pain.mp3 (Christian Ballad)

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